Sample point buy for Gorgon based on Michael's brief description in Background forum.


250 points

Stats (80 points)
Body 2d (10 points)
Coordination 4d (20 points)
Sense 4d (20 points)
Mind 2d (10 points)
Charm 2d (10 points)
Command 2d (10 points)

Skills (70 points)
Body (16 points): Athletics 1d (2 points), Block 2d (4 points), Brawling 2d (4 points), Endurance 3d (6 points)
Coordination (16 points): Dodge 2d (4 points), Driving (car) 1d (2 points), Stealth 5d (10 points)
Sense (12 points): Perception 2d (4 points), Scrutiny 4d (8 points)
Mind (8 points): Knowledge (profession) 4d (8 points)
Charm (4 points): Persuasion 2d (4 points)
Command (14 points): Intimidation 2d (4 points), Stability 5d (10 points)

Miracles (100 points)
Harm (A) 5d+1HD+2WD (2 per die, 20 points), Range. Extras & Flaws: non-physical +2; daze +1, always on -1, horrifying -1, obvious -1.
Effect: Gorgon’s eyes constantly project dark energy. It is blocked by UV protection, so he must wear UV-proof glasses. Anyone struck by his gaze is drained of life energy and dazed, and Gorgon is strengthened by it (see Hyperstat [Body] below). The Horrifying effect is Gorgon’s black eyes glowing brightly and the victim becomes engulfed in crackling black energy as his life force is drained to fuel Gorgon’s power.
Capacity: Range

Hyperstat [Body] +5d (2 per die, 10 points) Extras & Flaws: duration +2, attached to harm -2, horrifying -1, full power only -1.
Effect: Once per encounter, when Gorgon’s Harm gaze affects someone his Body is raised by 5d for the duration of the encounter.
Capacity: Self

Extra Tough (U) 2HD (6 points per die, 24 points) Extras & Flaws: engulf +2, duration +2, self only -3
Effect: Gorgon gains width in additional wound boxes at all hit locations for the duration of the encounter.
Capacity: Self

Light Armor (D) 2HD (7 per die, 28 points) Extras & Flaws: permanent +4; hardened defense +2; armored defense -2.
Effect: Gorgon’s LAR is always on and is hardened against penetrating attacks.
Capacity: Self

Perceive (life forms) (U) 9d (2 per die, 18 points)
Effect: Gorgon can perceive all life forms within 2,560 yards.
Capacity: Range



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