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House Rules

These are the house rules for Weird Austin.

Starting points: 255*
Characters begin with 250 points. * Characters gain additional 5 points due to Source Unknown (see below).

Hard Dice
There is no limit to HD.

Wiggle Dice
There is no limit to WD.

Power Source Unknown
All characters begin with the Source: Unknown (-5 points).

Secret Points: varies
The GM may add secret points to any character. These points will be spent on a Stat, Skill, or Miracle that is unknown to the player. The player adds that ability to his character and can make use of it normally once he determines its details.

Secret Identity
All PCs begin with a secret identity. Players are free to reveal themselves to the public or not.

Character Background
Secret identities will be provided by the GM. Player input on character backgrounds is encouraged.

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